Setting up a painting studio will require some investments, but once you have the equipment, with minimal maintenance, it will last for many years.

For the hobbyist, setting up shop could be as simple as acquiring a turning wheel, a work table and a small shelf unit to store your work in progress, some drop clothes, and plastic cups. But for the serious painter, setting up shop will require quite a bit more equipment.

In a very quick summary…

…for a acrylic painting studio, you will need a space large enough to have a wheel, turning wheel, a work table. In some area, you should have a small shelf unit to store your work in progress, some drop clothes, a paint storage area with appropriate ventilation.

There trash storage and quick clean up (ideally under the work table), and shelves to keep your work on, a sink nearby with running water, a tool storage area. There should be room for resining or lacquering/varnishing (it’s a preference really which you choose) and area to showcase or prep for vending!

That’s a heck of a lot huh?!

We haven’t gotten into the actual items for your painting… but there are many other artists who do so. I’ll link to other pages in a different post.

Hope this was helpful! Let me know!

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Storage Shelf

Once your pieces are made, you will need to have a storage shelf to keep them on until you are ready to fire a nd glaze them. A simple wooden shelf works well, but if you are cramped on space, you can construct a simple wall shelf out of 2 x 4 and 1″ dowels. Drill 1″ holes into two 2 x 4’s and secure them to the wall.

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