Introduction & EXHIBITION Info

Gallerium is pleased to present Wings 2023, a dual exhibition and publication opportunity to showcase your artistic interpretations of Wings.


For WINGS 2023, we are looking for real or surreal, natural and fantasy creatures or man-made objects, who have wings and feathers. Animals that have wings but never fly also count, so does an aircraft, flying machine, UFOs, even a birdman, Dumbo or Pegasus. Let your imagination fly; as for WINGS 2023, we are looking for:

■ Real creatures: birds, bats, insects, flying fish, even extinct dinosaurs, etc.

■ Fantasy: World of evil or cute flying creatures, fairies, angels, superheroes, etc.

■ Mythical creatures: Pegasus, phoenix, dragons, ghosts, etc.

■ Flying objects: Aircrafts, helicopters, satellites, spaceships, UFOs and even futuristic flying vehicles

■ Symbolic or religious: Having wings can be a sign of glory, power, peace, and freedom, in various forms such as angels and demons.

We encourage all abstract and representational artists to submit their wings-inspired art.

This dual opportunity is open to all artists; working in any art medium worldwide.


My art expresses the balance of beauty and chaos; art and science. There’s no real dividing line. It’s completely blended and there for you, the viewer, to take in and contemplate. This fits into the EQLOCO mission and LGBTQIA+ community and supporters. These were my inspiration, and so thus why I submitted to this exhibit and great opportunity.

Hi, I’m

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