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Acrylic pouring is a combination of science and semi-controlled chaos with the elements…

Explore the vast galaxies of chaos, beauties, and science. There are limitless mysteries awaiting you…

Dig in and explore the adventures of color and chaos that Ren created. Find the one that fits your life and connect with her on how to make it yours!

Featured Artwork

Acrylic on Canvas

Peacock Dragon

Acrylic on Canvas
Acrylic on Canvas
the Artist

Ren Feliz-Durishin

My name is Ren and I begin painting at the age of 15 . I did not begin using acrylics until I was 37. When COVID-19 struck the world in a pandemic, I found acrylic pouring, and it was a very much needed balm to my soul. Since then I haven’t stopped and I hate I’m happy to say it continues to make me joyful every single time I begin the process.

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The Gateway Gallery Exhibition